To Help Us Remember Who We Really Are

We are much more than our bodies, our personalities, or our roles as mothers, fathers, sons, or daughters. We are made of the same stuff as that which created us - love, compassion, joy, peace, and well-being.

If this is essentially who we are, then why do our lives reflect anything less?

It's because we have forgotten.

Horses haven't.

Horses have survived on this planet for over 55 million years as prey animals, not because they are intelligent in the way that humans define intelligence, but because of their mastery of a

horse therapist, shelly smith
highly evolved "sixth sense." Their survival has depended on their ability to feel and intuit everything around them, to live connected to and at one with that, which we as humans, cannot see or make sense of with logic.

At one time in our human evolution, we were nomadic people. Our survival depended on an interdependent relationship with other species. We learned from the animals and they learned from us. That which we call God, which lives and moves and breathes through all living things, spoke to us through nature and the animals - directing, guiding, and providing us with safety, food, water, and medicine.

Since we were more in tune with our physical bodies, we were more receptive to feeling something greater than ourselves moving and breathing through us. We didn't need faith to believe in something greater than ourselves because we felt it and knew it in our bodies.

At some point in our evolution, logic took over and we decided if we couldn't see it, taste it, touch it, or smell it, it wasn't true. With our intellect in charge, we lost connection to our bodies, our emotions, our gut feelings, and our felt sense of something greater than ourselves. Anything we couldn't understand began to make us feel nervous, and we decided that it would be better if we were in control - of nature, animals, our emotions, and in some cases each other.

In fact, our fear of anything mysterious or "not logical" was so extreme that over several centuries millions of healers, herbalists, counselors, and people who professed a collaborative relationship with God were tortured and burned at the stake as witches.

No one would say that the inventions and advances in technology and medicine that have grown out of our desire to master our world are bad things. It's just that in our growing dependency on something outside of ourselves to make us feel loved, safe, secure, and in control, we have lost connection to the goodness and well-being that's available to us right now - that's within our own beingness.

Deep down, we know who we really are, which is why living disconnected from that feels so bad, or at least incomplete. Instead of using these feelings as wake-up calls to look inside and reconnect, we've become addicted to looking outside of ourselves for what's missing.

The more we look outside of ourselves, the more separate we feel. The more separate we feel, the harder we look. So the vicious cycle continues, the desperation grows, and as a result we have an entire culture living beyond its means. And, despite our expensive healthcare, we are some of the least healthy people on the planet.

If you stop and think about it, everything that you want, everything that drives you, boils down to believing that you will be happier in having it.

The horses and I invite you, for a moment, to suspend your human doing and remember that you are a human being.

In being still and remembering, we believe that you will experience this simple truth . . .

All that you want, all that you ultimately desire . . . . . . . . you already are.

The horses and I would like to show you how.