Equine Assisted Personal Growth

Whether you're in the midst of a health, relationship, or career crisis, or simply have a vague nagging sense that something is missing, your resulting discomfort is a call to claim something bigger and greater in yourself - something more in keeping with who you really are.

If you could figure it out or explain it with logic, you would have done so by now.

The answers probably don't live in your head anyway. We now know that memories, patterns of thought, emotions, and beliefs live in the cells of our bodies, not just our heads.

This is why understanding our problems, doesn't necessarily change them.

If you want to know the truth, if you want to know what's blocking you at a cellular level, then ask a horse.


Imagine walking alone, in a dark alley, in a strange city, in the middle of the night.

This heightened awareness and vulnerability is what horses feel - all the time.

Despite their domestication, horses are prey animals. Their survival depends on their ability to read the subtle intentions of predators. No matter how nice we are, we have eyes on the fronts of our heads designed to help us focus upon, stalk, and kill prey. This, by definition, makes us predators.

Horses are therefore unimpressed with what we say or how we act. They are scanning our "energy" for what's really going on inside us. Fifty-five million years of practice makes them pretty good at it too.

Horses don't mind if you're scared, angry, or confused. They just don't like it when you lie about it.

A successful interaction with horses requires you to dig deep for the truth of what you really feel, what you really want, and who you really are.

As a body-centered psychotherapist and life coach, Shelly Smith is uniquely qualified to help you navigate the terrain of suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs that are reflected in your interaction with the horses. As a horsewoman who speaks horse talk, she is able to serve as translator between you and nature's greatest empaths.

Through safe, supportive, guided interaction between you and the horses. Shelly will help you transform unconscious, limiting beliefs and reclaim the truth of what you really want and who you really are.

There is no riding involved in this program and no previous horse experience is necessary.

Contact Shelly for more information.

"I worked with Brown and she helped me get right to the bottom of what had been holding me back, to discover what I needed to change and release it by showing me the contrast. It was a truly amazing experience that I won't forget. Like the releasing techniques that Shelly teaches, it is a method that is less about doing and more about being."  CW, age 39, wellness coach
"Out of all my experiences with animals I have never had one feel as magical. I was blown away by the experience. In our session, I got to a place of this wonderful peace. It was a beautiful and awe-filling feeling. It is something that has inspired me to become certified in animal therapy."  TM, age 22, psychology student
"You know ... this place makes me be more patient and I don't get angry as much."  KF, age 10, kid
"This horse LIKES me!"  SF, age 16, former gang member