Overview of Services

When you choose one of these services, you are choosing a form of personal growth which de-emphasizes reliance on your thinking, problem-solving, linear brain, and strengthens your access to the peaceful, all-is-well, flowing wisdom of your intuitive, non-linear mind.

From this more balanced perspective, you can reclaim your natural ability to release negative habits, beliefs, and thought patterns, and experience the bigness of who you really are. When you experience who you really are, you feel great. You lack nothing. You have all the love, abundance, security, and well-being that you always wanted.

Most of the time, however, you experience something less than that. In your attempts to feel better and reconnect with this bigger you, you go looking for it. Trouble is, you look for it in all the wrong places - lovers, children, careers, food, pills, a new car, or the latest diet.

When these attempts provide only temporary relief, you look to your logical mind for answers. In time you discover that the answers aren't there.

This is because the truth of who you are cannot be found via the intellect. It can only be felt, known, and experienced as energy, in your body.

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"I have never felt this peaceful in my whole life." JW, client, teacher