Emotional Savvy

Are you waiting for something in your life to change so you can feel better?

Would you be willing, instead, to feel better and watch your life change?

Learning to change how you feel, from the inside out, is emotional savvy.

Emotional savvy is not about controlling or managing your emotions.

Think of your emotions as you would a wild horse. You can try to control her with focus, will, or domination. You can use your intellect to try to manipulate her and bend her to your will, but your success will only be temporary.

Anything that's suppressed will eventually reassert itself or "get even" in unpleasant ways because primal energy, by its very nature, must have a chance to move.

Without a chance to move, chronically suppressed emotions (as well as chronically suppressed horses) will eventually implode in on themselves, resulting in depression, disease, or simply giving up.

This is a shame, for when we try to control seemingly inappropriate or frightening energy, we lose access to an abundant source of life-giving, life-loving power. Emotional energy is the stuff which fuels our passion, our creativity, and our gut knowing. It alerts us to danger, tells us when to set boundaries, when to slow down, and when something in our lives is out of balance.

People with emotional savvy know that trying to control our emotions only makes us more of a slave to them. They know that when we attempt to control our feelings or try to get what we really want with food, drink, work, or relationships, our behavior is being run by suppressed emotions and unacknowledged wants. While these strategies may temporarily soothe us, we are still not exercising control in the only way we'll ever really have it - in our capacity to acknowledge, flow with, collaborate with, and transform primal energy.

Shelly Smith offers one-on-one training and group workshops that teach emotional savvy.

Her system is a unique combination of a variety of methods - all easeful, all practical, yet deeply transformative.

One-on-one training is also available via phone consultation. Contact Shelly today.

"My relationship with my family and my world is shifting dramatically. My husband and I have been closer. I'm letting people know the real me without holding back. I feel so positive and so good. Business and financial opportunities are coming to me with ease." SD, age 53, entrepeneur
"I've now realized that there's nothing wrong with me - that the things I feel are just feelings. I have a stressful job and manage sixty people. I am much calmer now at work. Things that used to stress me out don't bother me as much." SW, age 58, corporate manager
"Shelly, in all the work we did together one thing stands out. Feelings are just feelings. You taught me how to acknowledge them and let them go. It has changed my life!"  AH, age 52, mother
"Basically, the whole workshop struck me pretty hard. Knowing I could finally sum myself up was amazing. I had never stopped to think about what I was all about and that is very important. And also, when I was in the round pen with the horse, I felt incredible. I have been with horses before but this was like meeting them for the first time. This was a totally new experience and an awesome feeling. Now I feel more in tune with my feelings and emotions. And, I owe it all to this workshop."  CG, age 15, workshop participant