About Shelly

Shelly Smith is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Life Coach. She has almost twenty years experience specializing in psychological, spiritual, body-centered growth. She has been listening to, feeling with, and learning from horses for forty-five years.

Through her own journey of self-discovery, Shelly has come to realize that, like horses, she possesses what some anthropologists call sociosensual awareness - the ability to feel in one's own body what another is feeling.

As a child, Shelly was more comfortable with animals than people. Like many empathic children, she gathered information about people and her surroundings, less from what she saw or heard, and more from what she felt. For Shelly, people were confusing. Their words and behavior often did not match the vibe or "energy" emanating from them. Animals became her refuge. With them, she could relax in their congruence and enjoy a collaborative relationship communicated through feel, intuition, body language, and a kind of sixth sense.

Early in her training as a therapist, Shelly experienced pain and strange physical sensations when working with certain clients. Suspecting that this pain had an emotional cause and unable to explain it with her logical left brain, she began to search her right-brained bodymind for answers. There she learned firsthand how memories, thought patterns, beliefs, and feelings are stored as energy in our bodies. After years of studying this phenomenon in herself and others, she noticed that even though these energies often went unnoticed by our thinking brains, they nonetheless tended to manifest as physical symptoms, chronic stress, or unsuccessful relationships.

Determined to free herself from these limiting patterns and help others do the same, she traveled the continent, searching for the fastest, most efficient, most easeful ways to by-pass the thinking brain and connect to the intuitive, body-wise knowing of our right brains. She has learned how to connect with energy, feel it, and use her mind to convert it.

She believes that we all have this innate power to improve our world from the inside-out. With practice, we can learn to quiet our chattering minds, connect with our bodies, transform the energies that limit us, and surrender to the peace, joy, love, and well-being that is who we really are.

Shelly's life purpose is to help us remember how.

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