Welcome to the official site of The Horse Therapist!

Shelly Smith offers a unique brand of personal growth and human development services inspired by a woman's way of knowing and a horse's way of being.

The feminine way, in its truest sense, is fluid, intuitive, grounded, and open. It is receptive to and flows with changes it detects, within and around it. This way of being is perfectly epitomized by horses living in their natural environment.

Man or woman, the services on this site speak to the intuitive, emotional, and instinctual part of you - the right hemisphere of your brain, which knows how to

  • Be at peace in the present moment
  • Release the chatter in your brain - the negative stories about the past and worries about the future
  • Reconnect to your body, its wisdom, and the flow of energy within and around it
  • Reclaim your innate ability to transform negative feelings naturally, from the inside-out
  • Remember the peace and well-being that is who you really are

By choosing any one or a combination of these services, you are declaring your intention to take charge of your life, your happiness, and your peace of mind, no matter what life dishes out. You are reclaiming the power and freedom that is your true nature.

Shelly's programs will help you remember how.
Contact her today.