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Success with Women, Work, and Life - Lessons from Horse Whisperers

When a horseman is frustrated with his horse, it's probably because he's expecting her to think like a human.

When you're frustrated with your woman, you're probably expecting her to think like a man.

The problem lies in neither horse or woman, but in your tendency to think they are direct-line, linear thinkers who value logic over emotion the way that you do.

Legendary horsemen, Tom Dorrance, Bill Dorrance, and Ray Hunt, are considered by today's top horse trainers to be the true "whisperers." Back in the days when brawn and machismo determined one's ability to "break" a horse, these men proposed not conquest, but true unity and collaboration achieved through feel - not logic, but feel.

Their ability to feel into a horse and feel the subtle changes in a horse's energy, made their success with horses seem magical. Perhaps more magical than their empathic communication with horses, however, was the willingness of these weathered, calloused, and clearly masculine cowboys, to embrace traditionally feminine qualities in working with horses and people.

When a man stands solid, confident, and clear in his purpose while simultaneously feeling into others with compassion, patience, and humor, he becomes an attractive force that inspires respect and trust from both women and horses.

Your horse and your woman can feel when you're off track.

Your woman may not know why she's cranky, distrustful, or chronically complaining, because she's been taught to question herself and suppress her anger. But, there's a good chance she senses something in you that is less than authentic, less than congruent, and less than who you really are.

Unlike your woman, horses do not question the discomfort they feel when they sense your incongruence. They don't mind letting you know when you're faking it or full of it. They offer impersonal feedback without censorship and don't worry that your feelings might be hurt in the process.

For this reason Shelly recommends equine assisted personal growth to horsemen and non-horsemen alike. Through a combination of phone consultations and guided interaction with horses, she will help you develop:

  • confidence without arrogance
  • leadership without tyranny
  • solidness without rigidity
  • gentleness without wimpyness
  • sensitivity without caretaking


  • clarity of purpose

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"I wasn't sure where I was going or what I wanted to do, but thanks to that first session I  am now living a life I love in Boulder, Colorado. Friends ask me why I decided to move from North Carolina to begin a new life out west. I used to say 'Well, my brother lived here . . .,' but then I remembered what happened that day in the round pen with Brown. Now I just say, 'A horse told me to.' Thanks Brown."  JM, age 26, industrial designer
"Working with a horse is like trying to talk to a French woman in a Paris bar. You know what you want, you just have to figure out a way to communicate it without offending her."  GM, age 50, teacher/coach