Personal Growth
for Horsepeople

"You're not working on the horse, you're working on yourself."- Ray Hunt

As a horsewoman for over forty-five years, Shelly Smith understands the unique challenges faced by horse owners and horse lovers.

Not everyone is drawn to these wonderful animals, but Shelly has noticed that those of us who are, tend to share some unique personality traits, inherent gifts, and lessons to learn.

Most of us know by now that horses don't really have any problems except for those created by humans. All horse problems really boil down to an unresolved issue in the prey/predator relationship.

Learning to think and feel like a prey animal calls forth something older and deeper in us than we typically ask of ourselves in our daily lives. Doing so, however, helps to refine us and make us better human beings.

If you,

  • lack confidence and make excuses for not riding or being with your horse
  • have experienced a fall or other frightening experience
  • suspect that your horse doesn't respect you
  • feel so frustrated you want to give up, or
  • simply aren't having a good time,

Shelly can help.

By combining natural horsemanship with human psychology, she can help you and your horse create a fulfilling, collaborative, and mutually respectful relationship.

Like any relationship, the challenges you face with your horse are more about you than the horse - they are opportunities for you to grow.

Therefore, any problem you face, any dissatisfaction you feel, is simply a call to catch up with the new person you are becoming.

Horses have served us for centuries in a myriad of ways. Isn't it time we stepped up and allowed ourselves to be open to what they're trying to teach us? Isn't it time we honored them as more than creatures to ride, show, or bend to our will?

Maybe, like all great teachers, their greatest gift to us is in helping to remind us of who we really are.

Contact Shelly to schedule a free consultation and to obtain pricing information.

All sessions are customized to meet the needs of you and your horse, so session prices vary.

"I just wanted to write and thank you for our 'new horse.' We can't believe the difference. My husband was watching me work with her and said I was looking awfully calm and confident out there. You really do have a 'gift.'" CM, age 38, horsewoman
"I recently got a horse and after a rocky start, I began to have some doubts, but now I see that what my horse does reflects who I am. When I was in the round pen at the workshop and Tiff came and stood next to me, it made me feel so at peace with who I am and who I chose to be. I will definitely recommend this to my friends, horseperson or not, because every girl should know who she is and this workshop would be a great time for this."  CN, age 15, horsegirl