Body-Centered Life Coaching

Improving your health, relationships, and career from the inside-out

Is there some aspect of your life in which you feel stuck or less than peaceful about?

If so, you've probably tried to analyze your situation, develop new strategies, or use willpower to force a change in your behavior, only to find that your situation doesn't improve or that the changes don't last.

This is because you're trying to use your logical, thinking brain to impose change on the outside when the problem lies somewhere else.

If you're stuck, it simply means that the rational part of you wants to make certain changes, but other parts of you do not. These other parts, made up of feelings, beliefs, and unconscious programs, often live outside of logical, everyday awareness. They live in the cells of your body, in what's called the bodymind.

If you really want to make changes, all the parts of you must be on board. Otherwise you'll just keep spinning in your head, feeling frustrated, and feeling bad about yourself in the process. To find relief, you must gain access to your bodymind and uncover the hidden feelings and beliefs which conflict with your real desire. When you access these conflicting feelings, you can learn how to transform them. Then the war will stop, you'll be at peace, and the changes you want to make will happen with ease.

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"After only two sessions I noticed that my perspective was different, but the differences didn't seem to have been 'efforted' by me. They were organic."  JW, age 53, writer