Feel Better Now
Wellness Coaching

Do you feel concerned, frustrated, or discouraged about your current level of health?

Do you suspect that your current health issues are stress-related?

Do you feel you're at the mercy of your body and the changes taking place?

Regardless of your current state of health you do have the capacity to . . .

Feel Better Now

Maybe you can't stop what's happening with your body right this second, but you can

  • Improve how you feel in reaction to your physical state
  • Improve your relationship with your body
  • Alleviate the severity of symptoms
  • Create the optimum environment for healing to take place
Here's How

What we resist - persists. We all resist pain and discomfort. We feel resistance on hearing the diagnosis, getting older, or having a disruption in our ability to function as we'd like.

Yet, we can learn, with proper training and practice, the way of the animals.

Research shows that animals hurt, but they do not suffer, at least not the way that humans do. They do not resist what's happening, nor do they try to deny it. They don't create negative stories about themselves or life in reaction to their illnesses. We can learn how to experience physical challenges without suffering by releasing our resistance and the negative emotions and stories associated with the changes taking place in our bodies.

This doesn't mean we resign ourselves to physical pain or illness. It simply means we stop the war within ourselves which serves only to add tension to an already tension-filled environment.

If you would like to learn how to release resistance, negativity, and suffering, and watch your health and sense of well-being improve, contact Shelly to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

"After my first session I thought, 'Wow! How easy! How simple! I sure do feel lighter and happier.' After that I noticed that what we worked on just sort of resolved itself like magic! Everything we work on seems to impact all of me, and I can see it starting to impact my health in a positive way. I am definitely calmer. This is an effortlessly fascinating process and I'm grateful for all that I have gained from working with you."  JL, age 51, chiropractor
"Since our first session I felt like I was getting out of a HUGE rut. Since then I've noticed that my thinking is clearer and it's easier for me to accomplish things. In the last few weeks I've experienced some real milestones in my life. For instance, I notice that now when I say 'No,' I don't feel guilty."  DW, age 39, mother